Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feeling sad

For some reason I'm feeling sad today. Maybe it is because it has been raining a lot. While rainy weather is good for the photographs, it isn't so good for the photographer...

Or maybe it is because of the dark season which is looming ahead.

Whatever the reason, I seem to run into sad topics all the time.

At work we have had several colleagues injured, due to sports accidents, or having had misunderstandings with a horse. And today I heard of a colleague, and keen horseman, who had fallen of a horse last spring and died.

And then there was the recent case of the Russian icehockey team. The aircraft carrying Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed while taking off, killing at least 43 people.

A sports reporter talked about this today on the radio, telling about some of the players. Swedish goalkeeper Stefan Liv and Czech Republic's Jan Marek both died in the crash. And it was very close that there weren't Finnish players in the plane as well.

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