Saturday, September 29, 2012

That she is airy earth, the trees, undone

I went with my daughter for a walk at Tremanskärr swamp. When we left it was a fine dry weather, but soon it started to rain, and finally it rained so heavily that we had to return, rather soaked. I took some photographs until the rain got so heavy that I didn't want to risk the camera any more.

Today I have experimented with the iPad, browsing the web, reading e-books using the Bluefire Reader (not bad!), and importing some music and photographs to see how that works out. Mostly everything just works, although I did have some trouble in getting the iPad to sync properly, but now I know how that should work.

I do like the screen of the iPad, and the overall handling of it. It is surprisingly heavy, I can't seem to get used to how light it looks and how heavy it actually is, but I have found that reading books is rather pleasurable with the iPad. Now I need to explore which is the best source of books.

The local library has on offer e-books that can be read on the iPad (until the time expires), but the selection doesn't seem to be anything to brag about. Well, maybe that will change.

(Posting title is from the poem Ceremony by Richard Wilbur.)

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