Tuesday, September 25, 2012

With nothing but my own depth of joy

After work I was too tired to go out to take photographs. I commuted by bicycle, perhaps that was the reason. I had trouble with the chain, it fell off four times this morning, and I had to tighten it. (My bicycle has a gear hub in case you are wondering...)

The photographs shown here were taken earlier but I thought they might be worth posting anyway.

Speaking of photographs, I have continued borrowing photo books from the library. Harry Callahan's Water's edge was an excellent find, I wrote a few words about it in Finnish. I like the approach: "His technical photographic method was to go out almost every morning, walk the city he lived in and take numerous pictures."

By the way, if you like the smell of swamps (as I do), there is even a perfume to use when you can't go walking on a swamp: Shrek 2 For Men, Swamp Scent Eau De Toilette Spray. I don't know whether there is a ladies' version.

(Posting title is from a poem by Rabindranath Tagore.)

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