Sunday, September 23, 2012

What else but our hearts are they, walking on the ground

Today it rained, a lot. I was planning to walk on a swamp today. I thought for some time about the choices, and finally decided to go to Revonkorpi ("Fox swamp") in Luukki. However, the children wanted to come with me, so I changed the plan.

We made a picnic of the walk, walking for half an hour using the ready-made paths at Luukki, eating a bit, and returning via another route.

It rained, but not too heavily, and it was all rather nice. Well, different kind of nice compared to what I was initially planning - a two-hour walk across the wet open swamp at Revonkorpi - but no matter, it was good to be out with the daughters, who chattered all the time and seemed to enjoy the rain, the puddles and the streams.

(Posting title is from the poem He Thinks of His Children by Hittan Of Tayyi,
translated by Charles Lyall.)

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