Monday, January 13, 2014

But it was when I touched the place

We got about 1 cm of snow during the weekend, and it changed the landscape. During the weeked I did a lot of walking in forests and swamps, about 3 1/2 hours in all.

On Sunday I went for a walk in Meiko, for the third time this year. In the beginning of last year I visited Meiko quite often, but since May I had been exploring different parts of Nuuksio instead of Meiko. The snow made things different from what I saw a week ago, hiding some things and revealing others.

The water level was higher than earlier, in fact higher than I have ever seen it at Meiko. I tried going across a ditch but judged the depth wrongly, and got my right rubber boot wet inside. But I continued walking, and the foot didn't got too cold despite the -9 °C temperature.

I saw tracks of deer, moose and people in the snow. I walked to Tränuhals, where I found a place where a deer had either slept or at least eaten a meal of lichen. I circled Tränuhals around from the west side, and walked south towards lake Kakarlampi, passing near lake Immerlampi. From there I walked to lake Mustjärvi and back to the car. Mostly I didn't follow paths, as these usually went to a wrong direction, using a compass direction instead.

(Posting title is from the poem Deer Skull by Susan Griffin.)

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