Sunday, January 12, 2014

For I had lost the path that does not stray

On January 6th I went for a walk in Meiko, the second time this year, after a pause of over half a year. The remoteness of the forests and swamps is rather attractive, as is also the fact that there really are rather few people walking in these forests, and even though there are plenty of small paths, usually I don't see anyone else while walking.

I explored a new route which I thought would be there, at least according to the maps I have, but it turned out that there wasn't the path I was looking for, or then I wasn't doing a good enough job in orienteering. In the end I just took an approximate direction according to the compass, and walked towards the swamp and lake at Tränuhals, and got there, to the rocky hill northeast of Tränuhals.

I decided to return via the north route, searching for a path that was on the map. I thought I found it, but at the same time the noise from the road started to be heard, and I realized the lake north of Meiko was rather near, and I decided to have a look at Nydalsviken. There were little paths here and there, and a lot of fallen trees as well, but in the end I found the lake shore, and returned to the car via Mustjärvi route.

Yesterday we got a little bit of snow here in Vantaa, about 1-2 cm of it, changing the landscape. The temperature is at -9 °C, and it feels finally like winter. Of course, it will take some time for the lakes and swamps to freeze completely, but the forecast promises even colder weather for the next week, so I'm looking forward to enjoying the winter landscape.

Also, the length of day is increasing nicely each day, so there is more hours to be outside and even to see the sun. Yesterday evening I saw the moon faintly through the clouds while walking in Tremanskärr with my daughter, and today I finally - after several weeks - saw the sun as it was visible between the clouds every now and then.

Today I walked for 2 1/2 hours in Meiko, enjoying the snowy landscape, taking over 400 photographs while walking. Altogether I have got over 9 hours of exercise this week. Not bad. However, when crossing a ditch I estimated the depth of water lower than it was, and my right rubber boot got soaked inside. Fortunately I was using woollen socks which kept the right foot reasonable warm even when wet, despite the -9 °C temperature.

(Posting title is from the poem VIA by Caroline Bergvall.)

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