Friday, January 10, 2014

Everything played before is a great lie

On January 4th I went for a walk at Luukki, starting west from the parking place at lake Kaitalampi, circling towards south, and circling around the lake back to the car. I haven't much explored the nature reserve west of the lake, so this was new terrain. However, the forest area is not very large, and the road noise carries rather well to the forest, so the walk wasn't as pleasant as I expected.

One interesting thing I found out during the vacation was that even though it has been relatively warm since the middle of December, the swamps - or at least certain swamp types - are still frozen inside, so they carry a person better than during summer even though the swamps are flooded with water. Of course one needs to take care to avoid those spots which are not frozen.

(Posting title is from the poem War Ballad by Stanley Moss.)

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