Friday, April 4, 2014

And doomed to know his aching heart alone

An excessively busy week is behind. And it so happened that during last night I got some flu symptoms, so I decided not to commute by bicycle today. In fact, already yesterday I felt more tired than normally after the bicycle commute, which should have told me to take it easy. But maybe this illness goes away by tomorrow.

There was also another complication due to the flu symptoms. I forgot my passcard in a pocket of the clothes I use for riding the bicycle, and had to sort this out when arriving at work. Well, forgetting things was nothing new this week; when busy one makes all kinds of mistakes.

The spring hasn't proceeded much this week, due to the cold nights. Here you see how it looked like at lake Mustjärvi on March 29th. I hope to be able to go for a walk during the weekend, but that depends on how the flu develops.

(Posting title is from the poem I would I might Forget that I am I by George Santayana.)

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