Tuesday, April 8, 2014

But till this astonishing creature I know

These photographs were taken at lake Bodom in Oittaa on March 23rd.

Today was a fine day for commuting by bicycle. It was cold in the morning, about -2 °C, but the road was not slippery and quite fine for the summer tires. And in the afternoon the temperature rose to +7 °C, and it was sunny, and the air was clean after the rain, so everything was about perfect for riding the bicycle. And then there was 7 m/s backwind as well, which helped so that I was home in 45 minutes, the fastest time this year.

In Finnish newspapers there have appeared articles about a group of ten men who recently won in lottery 57,3 million euro. Two days before this happened I pondered what I would do if I would get rich enough to do whatever I like with my time. My thinking still holds. The basis of my "dream life" would be walking four hours each day and reading books four hours each day. That would leave plenty of time for taking care of children and other family matters.

However, that said, I like my work quite a lot, especially working with the colleagues I have, and thus I have a dilemma. Maybe it would be possible to combine walking, reading and working somehow. Not that I'm doing too badly with this right now either.

But this is of course pure speculation as I have never played the lottery.

(Posting title is from the poem The Lover: A Ballad by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.)

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