Sunday, November 8, 2015

And not one of them aware of their silly beauty

The photographs were taken on October 15th, visiting Sirkus Finlandia with the children. The show was good. The best thing was the clown. She did a lot of different acts, and engaged the audience.

I did a little bit of walking this morning. It was raining, and rather warm, +8 °C. The next week seems to be somewhat similar, rather wet, and temperature above +5 °C. So there shouldn't be any danger of black ice on the road.

I need to remember to be careful when riding the bicycle. To help with this I took a photograph of the road rash. It hurts when I look at it.

(Posting title is from the poem The Beach at Sunset by Eloise Klein Healy.)


Markus said...

Your leg looks impressive, Juha! It will take some more days until it won't hurt anymore, I guess. (By the way, in such cases I used to take homoeopathic medicine "Arnica C200" to support the healing process)

I had a closer look at your circus photographs: the artists on that steel balancing machine look truly impressive. And the image quality from that LX100 is simply astonishing, but that I had expected.

Juha Haataja said...

Thanks, Markus. The road rash seems to be healing fine. Betadine is an recommended treatment for such things, and I hope there won't be any infection this time.

The bright lens of the LX100 at tele end - f/2.8 - and ISO 800 were a good combination inside the circus tent. Even at ISO 1600 there is relatively little noise, which is quite an improvement over the LX5. The only blemish with the LX100 seems to be durability issues, especially the rear dial.