Friday, November 6, 2015

His life is more and more like

These photographs were taken in Nuuksio on October 15th.

I commuted by bus yesterday afternoon and this morning, but returned home riding the bicycle. It was easier to ride the bicycle than walk. I have lock pedals, and thus one could in principle ride the bicycle using one leg only.

The knee is still sore, but it is no long as swollen, and the muscle pain is easing. The places where there is skin abrasion are still bleeding a little bit. My palm is developing a large bruise, apparently it got hit as well.

My left leg has suffered quite a lot in 50 years. I have hit it with an axe, cut it with a chainsaw, suffered road rash several times, and so on. The leg should be used to the treatment by now.

Despite the accident due to black ice I'm planning to continue commuting by bicycle. The weather seems to continue somewhat warm, although the temperature may drop below 0 °C on Monday morning. I need to be careful then. Since the beginning of the year I have got 4229 km riding the bicycle.

(Posting title is from the poem A Motor by Marvin Bell.)

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