Friday, November 20, 2015

In fact one walked right through him

This is the last posting with photographs taken in Lisbon, on October 19th after sunset.

This week was wet, and I got soaked a couple of times when commuting by bicycle. This year I have got so far 4517 km riding the bicycle, and it is possible that I could reach the 5000 km milestone. I noticed in a bicycle discussion forum a mention of "10k club", meaning those who ride over 10,000 km in a year. Maybe I should establish a half-10k club.

I ordered a new front light for the bicycle, the Trelock LS 950 Control ION. It was at 40% discount, and the 710 Reego back light was included in the price. This is not one of the brightest of lights, far from it, but it has a long-lasting battery, USB charging, and the shape of the beam should be such that it doesn't blind other people.

(Posting title is from the poem Parable of the Desultory Slut by Tony Barnstone.)

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