Saturday, November 28, 2015

Perhaps one day I will be ready

The photographs were taken on October 31st in Luukki, southwest of the Luukki lake, by the golf course.

This morning I walked for two hours in Luukki, visiting five lakes: Väärälampi, Mustalampi, Hauklampi, Käärlampi and Halkolampi. It was quiet and wet, temperature at +6 °C.

I have five different types of gloves for commuting by bicycle, for different conditions, from summer to winter season. Recently I got new thin gloves, to replace the old ones which were completely worn out. Today I realized they might be good when handling the camera, and so it was, there are excellent for this purpose as well, providing a good grip and the ability to press the buttons.

This reminds me of the strange sizes of bicycle clothing. It seems that manufacturers expect people who ride to be smaller than normal people, so one needs to buy clothes one or two sizes larger than normally. This seems to apply to shoes, pants, jackets, and gloves. The new gloves are size 3XL, and they fit perfectly, even though normally the size XL is the right one.

(Posting title is from the poem Hanging in Egypt with Breyten Breytenbach by Chris Abani.)

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