Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have 55 different dragonflies in Finland

Red dragonfly on white rock, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Today the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported that a new species of dragonfly has been spotted in Finland. The new one is Southern Migrant Hawker dragonfly (Aeshna affinis). The finder was Asmus Schröter in August, in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

It so happens that we went to Vuosaari a few days ago, and saw quite a few dragonflies. As I'm not an expert, I didn't spot anything of much interest, but I did manage to take a photo of a Vagrant Darter (Sympetrum vulgatum) while it was resting on a rock. Despite only having an Ixus, taking a photo was not hard because the dragonfly was not afraid of the camera getting close (10 cm away).

I posted previously a panorama view of the Vuosaari harbour area, this is a quite interesting place to go for a walk.

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