Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What should a hobbyist photographer think about Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III? (Or Nikon D3.)

There is an extensive review of the Canon top model at Dpreview. (Already earlier they reviewed Nikon D3.) These cameras are packed so full of features, that for a hobbyist with a point-and-shoot camera (and an old SLR) it is difficult to even think about them.

But when it comes to photography, almost all of those features are irrelevant. When I have observed pros at work, they don't much fiddle with the camera. When the correct settings are in effect, what is there to do than shoot good photos?

Would it be possible for the camera manufacturers to release cameras with less features but good image quality? Perhaps not, because then you would not be able the split your market into segments when you can use the features for differentation.

Could the iPhone effect work in cameras? I mean, would someone release just one camera model with a restricted feature set but top usability where it matters? This company wouldn't need to compete with all the other models in the portfolio, just to develop one model to be as good as possible. Wishful thinking, probably.

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