Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do you miss film (cameras)? has a long and sentimental discussion on film cameras titled Film is making me depressed. Is digital technology destroying the skill of photography?

Well, I don't miss film in any way. I like the immediate feedback from the LCD display, and the ability to take hundreds of photos and only use the best ones. In the 5+ years I have been using my Canon Digital Ixus 400, I have taken over 9000 photos, much much more than when I was using film cameras. (At least five times more photos.)

I like the convenience of a pocket-sized compact digital camera, with which I can do a lot, even reasonably good macro photography. And the long depth-of-field is in fact a bonus in most situations, as is the possibility to change the sensitivity when needed. When using film cameras, I mostly used ISO 100 or 200 films, shooting ISO 400 only once or twice (and then getting quite grainy results).

Even though I wish for an even better pocket-sized digital camera, I must admit to being quite satisfied. Thus I no longer want to use the old Minolta SLR.

I miss a bit the manual controls of a SLR. My Minolta XG-1 doesn't have autofocus, only manual, and the aperture-priority exposure needs some skill also. There is some nostalgic feeling in these manual skills. But the pocketability and flexibility of a compact digital camera is a great thing, and I would not like to return to the old.

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