Monday, August 18, 2008

Earning money out of photography

Within a month, I have written two columns about photography. The first appreared (in Finnish) two weeks ago, and the next one is scheduled to appear in two weeks or so. The publication in question is a professional IT magazine, not a photography or hobbyist journal.

So, if you think about earning money in photography, perhaps the best way is not by taking photos but by writing about taking photos.

Well, the above was more of a joke than serious thinking. In any case, my obsession with photography has not diminished since my summer vacation ended, so there may be something longer-lasting in it. In fact, I have already drafted a couple of more columns on photography, perhaps there will be possibilities to publish also them in a magazine.

On the other hand, I haven't yet decided on buying a new camera, although a couple of times it has been close (Panasonic LX3 and Sony W300 are tempting). I'm still waiting for the ultimate compact camera with serious image quality.

Perhaps such a one will never appear, though. Well, in that case I'll continue using my Ixus 400 for five more years, I guess.

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