Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eating cranberries

Today I went once again to Tremanskärr, walking across the swamp there, and then through the forest in the east to Stavurkärr swamp, and along the marsh until the rocky hills to the north appeared, and then along the valley between the hills to north-east and north, to the big path which goes west to Kurkijärvi lake.

It took two hours to walk this route. I was surprised how well I remained on the map, despite the heavy cloud cover which gave no clue where the sun was on the sky. But I have been so often at Tremanskärr that I'm starting to know the terrain rather well.

At Stavurkärr I found some cranberries, even though there were a lot of signs of people walking there, probably picking cranberries. At Tremanskärr swamp only a few cranberries were left.

The cloud cover was so heavy that with ISO 125 one had to resort to f/2.0 and 1/10 second exposure, nearing the limit for handheld photography. And this was at noon!

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