Sunday, November 27, 2011

Five drops of water

Today was a wet day. We went walking with the children to Kaitalampi lake in Luukki, and had a nice time, but then it started to rain in earnest and we had to return.

I have been thinking about photography competitions recently. I feel that most competitions are in a dead end, being nothing else than a venue for making money: for the sponsors, for the organizers, or for someone else. Thus, whatever is awarded prices has to look like it would be worth some money, and thus it needs to be overly strong, it needs to shout "Look at me!"

So, what gets noticed in the competitions will have no subtlety, no originality, there won't be anything which would be really new. Just more of the same, but shouting even stronger than before.

But maybe it is just the dark autumn which makes me feel so sad.


Brian S said...

I agree with you Juha. I've never submitted my work to a competition because it's always been obvious the my style of photography is not the kind that wins competitions. Along the same lines have you been following the latest "print sale" on The Online Photographer? It's very interesting what Mike has chosen as salable. There are images in that group that I wouldn't mind owning but like many TOP readers I preferred the ones he chose to show from the submissions that didn't make it as print selections.
It's almost as dark here but to feel a little better about when I remember back to my time living in Central America: 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours darkness - every day - all year long - almost drove me insane!

Juha Haataja said...

@Brian: Yes, that print sale was interestin - my favorites never made it to the sale.

Indeed, having no real change in the seasons would be bad. But still, now that the length of day is 6 h 39 min, and thick cloud cover hovers above darkening the daylight time, it isn't so great either.

Brian S said...

A constant cloud cover is a pain. My wife suffers from SAD and even though the winter days are shorter here than in Eastern Canada where we are from she finds winter in Central Alberta much more bearable. This is probably because winter days here are usually bright and sunny as apposed to the gray skies of the east.

Juha Haataja said...

@Brian: Snow makes a big difference. Last year this time we had 20 cm of snow, or maybe more. It changes the landscape completely.

On the other hand, it snowfall keeps on increasing, as it did last year, that can become a nuisance as well...