Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A wind went with their paws

Andreas got me thinking about gloves for holding the camera when it gets cold. He referred to the best thing there is, namely Roeckl Karun 3406-440 gloves. Looking at the specs I must agree that these are serious gloves, no doubt about it. Maybe a bit overkill, but who cares?

Currently I'm using thin gloves which are meant for cross-country skiing. They work ok above -5 °C, but after that one has to have something warmer. And because of the tiny buttons of the LX5, thick gloves are not so good.

I made some searches to find out whether Roeckl gloves are available to try out here in Finland. There seems to be at least one shop, but it is for horse riders. And another site referred to gloves for riding the bicycle. Well, I guess there is nothing else to do that to go shopping at some point.

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