Sunday, February 2, 2014

Always wrong to the light, so never seeing

These photographs were taken on January 25th, walking on the ice of lake Hauklampi in Luukki with my daughter.

Today I had a long walk, two hours, walking in fresh snow where there were no previous paths. I got quite tired, but that was a pleasant kind of tiredness. I saw some marks in the snow: several deer tracks, and some smaller animals as well. But no other people had been walking in the snow before me, it felt like exploring new territory.

When I was walking on an open swamp, there was a sudden "whoooom" sound which surprised me, and cracks appeared in the snow, running across the swamp in multiple directions. At first I thought that that ice is breaking, but it was only snow that made the sound. The snow is starting to settle, and the surface of the snow is harder than the soft snow below. I also caused a couple of "micro-snowfalls" when climbing up hills; snow that was stuck on the cliff face fell down.

(Posting title is from the poem For Once, Then, Something by Robert Frost.)

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