Saturday, February 8, 2014

To see better what was being said

The length of day is today 8 h 32 min, which allows going for a walk much later than a month ago. But still one tends to return only when it is getting dark.

In Luukki on February 1st I got lost because I wasn't paying enough attention to the map and compass, thinking that I know the terrain well enough. It wasn't so. The fresh snow had changed the landscape and there were no tracks to follow, so I got sidetracked and it took some time until I was back where I left the car. The good thing was I got these blue-tinted photographs I wouldn't have got otherwise.

Today we had late lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and the children ate a lot. So did I. I don't even remember when we had Chinese the last time.

After Chinese I went for a walk in Tremanskärr. After walking for a little while I realized I was walking much slower than normally. I guess the full stomach slowed me down. I saw the delicate tracks of roe deer, and I felt even heavier. When I had walked for almost two hours the walking got easier, and I was back to my normal speed. By then it was already rather dark.

It was raining when I started walking, but that stopped soon. There is only about 10 cm of snow left in the forest. Some places are getting flooded by the melting snow. The next days are going to be at +1 °C, so the snow is going to decrease even further.

(Posting title is from the poem The Curator by Miller Williams. A great poem about blindness and seeing.)

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