Sunday, February 9, 2014

This we were, this is how we tried to love

I'm not sure what it is about fallen trees... maybe it reminds of life? And love.

Today I walked for 2 h 15 min, until it got dark. There were tracks of roe deer, moose, rabbits, and dogs, and one set of snowshoe tracks, and one set of ski tracks.

There is now only 10 cm of snow, so snowshoes and skis don't help much, it is easier to walk in boots. The ground below the snow is mostly frozen hard, and ice is thick enough in lakes, so there is little danger of sinking into a swamp or a lake. However, in some places the swamps are flooding, which means that the ice may lose its strength and one should take care where one goes across.

I think 1 1/2 hours of walking is the minimum of really starting to enjoy walking; the last 45 minutes of the walk felt rather good, as if I were alive.

(Posting title is from Twenty-One Love Poems by Adrienne Rich.)

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