Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In a different version of this

The same place, a week apart, on February 8th and 15th. The first two photographs were taken a bit before sunset; the second pair after sunset, during the blue moment. Feeling different.

During the vacation I have walked in forests and swamps for seven hours so far, in four days, visiting Tremanskärr, Tränuhals, Revonkorpi and Vaakkoi.

Today I walked in Vaakkoi all the way to lake Vähä-Majalampi, past lake Kalatoin. There were quite a lot of moose tracks in Vaakkoi, more than tracks of people. Part of the way, while there was some deeper snow, I was following the hoof prints of a moose, and quite long steps they were.

I'm pondering what other places I should visit during the vacation. Nuuksio is one alternative, but not those places which are the most popular. Maybe I'll explore the north parts of Nuuksio, south of lake Saarijärvi. I have been walking there quite a lot, but it is such a big place that there is always something new to find.

(Posting title is from the poem Everything Every Time by Brian Russell.)

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