Friday, February 21, 2014

It shows us paths we know well

These photographs were taken near Tränuhals on February 9th. Someone had walked there with snowshoes, but they weren't really necessary as the depth of snow was only 10 cm, and the ground was mostly frozen underneath, making it easy to walk. Since then a lot of the snow has melted away, average depth of snow is 5 cm, and in some places there is hardly any snow left. But now we are having colder weather, and the melting has stopped for a while.

Today I walked for 3 h 15 min in the north parts of Nuuksio, starting from the west side of lake Saarijärvi, going along the west side of lake Sarkkinen to lake Suolikas. Originally I planned to circle around Suolikas from the east, but I noticed that a couple of people had walked on the ice since the snowfall during night, and so I crossed Suolikas. However, when I got near the other shore the ice started to make a somewhat worrying sound of cracking, so I circled backwards a bit and went ashore at another point.

After crossing Suolikas I walked first past lake Valkealampi, and then circled around lake Mustalampi. Then I walked south towards lake Kakarlampi, passing it from the west side, and walked all the way to lake Ruuhijärvi. Next, I went northeast to lake Pöksynhaara, and from there southeast to near lakes Orajärvi and Urja. Finally, I returned via Mustakorpi to lake Saarijärvi, walking along the south shore back to the roadside east of the lake.

I walked about half of the way in unbroken snow, and the rest along paths make by other people earlier. I didn't see anyone else, and the only fresh tracks of people were those which crossed lake Suolikas. However, there were plenty of moose tracks, and I also found a place where a moose had spent the night, melting the snow underneath. There were no signs of roe deer, however, even though this should be quite nice territory for them.

(Posting title is from Carmina Burana.)

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