Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LX3 firmware 1.1 - better automatic white balance?

Pier at Lammaslampi, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Yesterday I installed version 1.1 firmware to the LX3, and have managed to take some night photos. I'm not sure if this is not imagined, but I have a feeling that the camera is now better - as promised - in setting the white balance when there is artificial lighting.

In this photo the colors are about right - the sky color was a complex mixture of various city lights reflected from thin clouds. In any case, this photo doesn't have that typical yellowish/orange color cast as there used to be.


x said...

I definitely agree, AWB has especially improved with indoor lightning. I was very annopyed about the AWB before actually and was looking forward to this update. I never managed to come up with a good WB calibration either, so the improved AWB is very welcomed.

I know you don't shoot RAW, but that Lightroom now supports the .rw2 files is a big plus for me as well. Now the two biggest problems has been solved for me.

Found these before and after firmware update shots on flickr.


Juha Haataja said...

Good to hear that others are having similar experiences - I was thinking that perhaps I'm just imagining that there has been a change, which could happen.

Those before and after shots were exactly the way I have seen the settings change.

I'm still investigating RAW, switching to RAW + jpeg every so often, but so far I haven't found that I'm skilled enough post-processor to benefit from RAW.

x said...

I'm also only starting to find my way with RAW. I can see the theoretical advantages of using RAW, but I didn't want to invest a whole lot of time in it before Lightroom would support the LX3 .rw2 files.

They are not completely supported yet, as they can't be converted to DNG without tripling the file size. But at least I can learn about RAW without having to also learn a completely new software as well.