Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After sunset

Orange ball, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Once again this was a day when clouds darkened the day. It was possible to go out for a walk with the family only well after sunset. We got a little bit of snow during the day, and some of the snow/ice from the previous snowfall is still remaining. I had very little time fom photography, but here is one photo, which I like because of the bright colors.

I brightened the photo a little bit in LightZone, but didn't do any color adjustments. Once again it seems that the LX3 is performing better in artificial lighting with the 1.1 version firmware.

Speaking of the LX3 settings, I was still using the nostalgic film mode and AWB tweaks suggested by Tom Hoots at Dpreview. Next, I'll try returning to my original settings - standard film mode and no AWB tweaks. Perhaps these will be now quite good without additional tweaks. (Well, I have a bit of tweaks still, as I decreased contrast by -1 and decreased NR by -2.)