Saturday, December 6, 2008

A strange phenomenon (phénomène lumineux)

Formations, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Fields, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Dog training, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Today I noticed something strange on the sky, a bright object which has not been visible there for ages, so that I had almost forgotten about it. I believe the name of the object is the sun - it gives light and warmth to the Earth. Hard to believe there are such seldom-seen but precious things.

More seriously, today was a happy day, we saw the bright blue sky, which has been hidden behind a thick cloud cover for weeks. And it was much drier than it has been. The temperature was below freezing, so there was ice, frost and the frozen remains of the little bit of wet snow we got recently.

We went for a walk in the nearby fields and forests. Several other people were about, especially dog-owners and motocross or model airplane hobbyists. (It wasn't so quiet, but it wasn't too disturbing, there was plenty of space for all.)

I took quite a lot of photos, but mainly just enjoyed the bright day. Here are a couple of landscape photos to document this non-clouded day. As today is also the independence day of Finland, it is perhaps appropriate to show white and blue, the colors in the flag of Finland.

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