Monday, October 13, 2008

Secrets of the LX3 custom settings

Autumn, originally uploaded by jiihaa.

Today I finally realized how to use the C1 and C2...C4 custom settings in the Panasonic LX3, thanks to a helpful hint at Dpreview forums: 'Once I set up everything I wanted, in "P" mode, I saved that as my "C1" custom setting. Then, I switched over to "A" mode, then saved that as one of my "C2" settings.'

I had been using mainly the A and P modes and "my film 1" and "my film 2", but hadn't realized that, for example, the white balance settings need to be saved separately, they do not apply to the film modes. Now I have saved my favourite settings in C1: A mode, i.exposure standard, intelligent ISO with max 200, film mode based on nostalgic, tweaked AWB settings. And in C2 is have the "dynamic b&w" film mode with separate settings.

And when I'll next time experiment with the settings, I can store them in C3 and C4, to test the different settings in rapid succession. Neat!

The photo here shows in the background the red barn I often have taken photos of. And the foreground shows how far advanced the autumn is here in Finland.

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