Saturday, August 25, 2012

A handful of air with a dream in it

I got plenty of exercise today, first riding the bicycle, and then going for a walk with my daughter to Luukki forests, around lake Halkolampi.

The day was just right for being outside, up to 20 °C, half clouded. There was no wind, but because of the cold nights we have had the mosquitoes are no longer a problem.

There were some wasps in a hole in the ground, but my sharp-eyed daughter spotted them and warned me of stepping there. I once got several wasp bites from such a situation, and had to run fast to escape the wasps.

While taking photographs a new error appeared on the LX5. A couple of times previously the display has suddenly changed aspect ratios without me doing anything with the aspect ratio switch, but this time I took a photograph while this happened. Above you see the result, looks a bit strange, doesn't it. As usual, I had the 1:1 aspect ratio selected when the LX5 decided to act up.

(Posting title is from the poem Obbligato by Bruce Smith.)

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