Friday, August 31, 2012

The pale uncertainty of a shadow

A lot of shopping to do today. First I searched for new brake pads for my bicycle. I searched several shops, and only in the fourth I found the right kind.

Then there was the matter of getting a new phone for my daughter, who lost her old one, and of course also the sim card had to be replaced. But the shop had relocated, so there was some walking until that was done. We got the cheapest Nokia that was available, a Nokia 113, I hope it is durable.

It was sad that the old phone was lost. It was a Nokia 1100, which proved to be a very durable phone indeed. Maybe we should have bought a dozen of them when they were still available. These days it seems that most phones are far from durable, it doesn't take long until they start to break up. At least so it is with me and with the daughters.

Also, I dropped my Parker IM fountain pen on the floor some days ago, and the cap is no longer tight. I didn't manage to repair it, so I searched for a similar one in shops, and no luck. In one shop there was a place for Parker fountain pens, but all were sold. Well, I need to continue searching.

I was mostly satisfied with this pen, although I have had better ones, but this one was good enough given the price. Maybe I should try another model from Parker, perhaps a Parker Urban.

I know that some pay hundreds of euros for fountain pens, but not I. Although I once got a nice Shaeffer as a present from a colleague, and used it for several years, until it was all worn out.

We planted an apple tree in our garden two years ago. Today we picked the first apples from it. Originally there were seven apples, but one dropped to the ground when it was still small, and one got rotten, so in the end we got five apples from the tree. And they were good indeed, sufficiently sweet with a nice spicy taste.

(Posting title is from the poem The Broken Fountain by Amy Lowell.)

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