Friday, August 10, 2012

Ride ten thousand days and nights

Since May I have ridden the bicycle for 1189 kilometers, most of it while commuting. It has been a pleasure, except for those days when there was cold and heavy rain which completely soaked me. But there have been only a few such bad days.

Today was a fine day once again, about +6 °C in the morning and about +15 °C during the day, half clouded and no rain.

After dinner I went for a walk with my daughter. Well, she used her bicycle, and waited for me to catch up. Signs of autumn are becoming more frequent, and days are rapidly shortening.

Update: I had a look at the Panasonic LX7 Operating Instructions, especially looking at the changes between the LX5 and the LX7. Because there is now a dedicated aperture ring the LX7 would probably fit my style of taking photographs much better than the LX5 (or LX3) does.

And speaking of the LX7, I noticed a discussion at Dpreview about some early sample photographs taken with the LX5 and compared with the Sony RX100. Well, I think it is too early to tell how well the LX7 does compared to other recent compacts, but one should not look only at the sensor performance, the lens matters a lot also. (The bright, bright lens!)

(Posting title is from Go and catch a falling star by John Donne.)

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