Monday, August 6, 2012

As I was young and easy under the apple boughs

In the garden blackcurrants and apples are ripening. I tasted today the first blackcurrants, and good they were. But it will take some time for the apples to be ready for picking. These are the first from the apple tree we planted two years ago, I hope they will taste good. At least they look inviting.

I commuted by bicycle today, even though I had stiff muscles this morning, thanks to all the chores I did at home during the weekend, including cleaning and waxing the floors. But still it felt good riding the bicycle, I like the commute. And there was no rain so the weather was perfect.

Speaking of apples, I have been thinking about getting an iPad, even though I'm far from convinced of the need to have one. One reason is that more and more stuff, including books, is being offered on the iPad, including the local library, and I have got the impression that reading books is not altogether impossible using the said device.

The other reason to think about the iPad is for the display of photographs. Currently I occasionally show my photographs from a computer, or (rarely) make paper prints using a commercial photo service, but neither of these approaches seems to work for me. But an iPad, especially the new one with the high-res display, that might make a difference.

But do I have enough use for such a device, that is the question.

And then there is the matter of space, does an iPad have enough? My Aperture library is about 115 GB in size, and my iTunes music collection about 90 GB, and then there are the movies (for the children to view, perhaps) and what about the e-books?

(Posting title is from the poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas.)

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