Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Between sense and recognition

We got 1 cm of new snow during the night, wet snow which is melting the old frozen snow, and the temperature is at +2 °C. The next five days will be rather warm, mostly above 0 °C, so snow will probably be melting away. There is about 25 cm of snow still left.

Today there might be time for a walk with the camera, and we might even get some sunshine. One day this week I would like to take a really long walk, but I don't feel quite up to it yet. If the snow would carry a person there would be lots of places to explore. Well, investing in snowshoes is one option, but I'm not quite convinced they would by suitable for my purposes. I have followed deer and moose tracks, which help walking in the deep snow, except that a moose takes really long steps, and you never know where those paths are leading, usually away from paths made by humans.

(Posting title is from the poem Language of Love by Rae Armantrout.)

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