Thursday, February 12, 2015

Now the streets and stand still

I took this photograph for documentations purposes. Do you see the curl in the snow on top of the car? Can you explain how this happened?

I'm getting two hours of rather heavy exercise each day. In the evening I take magnesium to help with the sore muscles, and it seems to work. A colleague commented that magnesium makes one tired, and this seems to be true even though I'm not sure whether this is a scientifically proven fact. In any case, I'm sleeping rather well.

(Posting title is from the poem The Invention of Streetlights by Cole Swensen.)


SHE said...

I am very familiar with the phrase 'blankets of snow'. -but this marks the very first time I've ever seen one..

Juha Haataja said...

Strong wind + gravity + warm weather were the culprits here in generating this blanket phenomenon.