Sunday, May 12, 2013

But when the emancipating springtide breathes wholesome

Here are photographs of spring flowers, taken on Thursday when walking in the forests in Luukki. I have over a thousand more recent photographs waiting, but it may take a while until I get them processed. I'm keen on walking outside enjoying the spring, not so much using the computer to go through photographs.

Today I'm planning to explore a forest I haven't yet looked into. Now that my orienteering skills have improved I'm interested in going to places where there are no paths marked on maps.

PS. For some reason my Twitter account has been suspended, which is a strange thing indeed, as I have carefully followed all the rules. Of course this may have happened because of some breach of security at Twitter itself. I hope to have the Twitter account restored promptly, but one never knows with services of this type how long this will take.

(Posting title is from the poem By the Waters of Babylon by Emma Lazarus.)

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