Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The body would like a small mile or two

It is really remarkable how much information there is on the web. I bought years ago a cheap cycle computer for my bicycle, "Union-10 Cycle Computer". Last Friday the battery ran out for the second time, after maybe three years of use. I had lost the manual that came with the device, and didn't remember how to set up the required information, such as tire circumference.

Well, I used Google, but at first my search term produced results that didn't match the device I have. But soon I found the company that apparently designs these devices, Marwi, and from there I searched further until I found the instructions I was looking for. This particular version of the device looks a bit different, but the display and user interface are the same.

And I also found the last missing piece on the net, a table of tire sizes and circumferences.

The clock of the device shows the right time, uses km/h as the measurement unit, and has the approximate circumference of the tire. For now this suffices.

The two photographs shown here are from Saturday, since then I haven't had time or energy to take photographs.

(Posting title is from the poem The Body by Marianne Boruch.)

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