Monday, May 13, 2013

You were once again the one human being

It is difficult to catch the feeling of a swamp in a photograph, and a sunny day is especially challenging. But here are four photographs from Saturday, from Stavurkärr swamp, which is north of Tremanskärr swamp and much less open swamp type. Spring is advancing also at Stavurkärr now that the snow has finally melted.

Today I commuted by bicycle. In the morning the commute took 39 minutes, which is a new record - the previous was 42 minutes. And it took 43 minutes to get back home. And what was good that even though rain was forecasted for today, none happened during the commute. Well, there were a couple of raindrops when I was almost home, and afterwards it rained so that the ground got wet.

(Posting title is from the poem absence or a record of the creation of a fabulous animal by Gisela Kraft, translated by Laura Leichum.)

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