Wednesday, May 29, 2013

His helmet is of gold

I commuted by bicycle today, but when I was almost at the Ministry five spokes broke in the back wheel. I got to work all right and on time, but then I had the problem of how to fix the bicycle. I got help from colleagues who also commute by bicycle. Big thanks to them for solving the dilemma!

There are a lot of bicycle shops in the center of Helsinki, but they seemed to be all busy, and earliest time to get my bicycle fixed was some time late next week. However, a bicycle shop in Vantaa, near where I live, promised to get the bicycle fixed by tomorrow, if I bring it there today.

But how to get the bicycle home, as it is not possible to transport bicycles in buses, and trains have restriction during rush hours. Well, fortunately I had some tools with me, so I detached the back wheel from the bicycle, and carried it with me on the tram and on the bus.

I plan to commute by car tomorrow, so I can bring the rest of the bicycle home, and install the repaired (I hope!) back wheel. So, it would be possible to commute by bicycle already on Friday, if everything goes well.

Busy as a bee, they say, and I have been really busy lately. But this fellow wasn't quite all right, and was unable to fly, which fits my feelings quite well.

(Posting title is from the poem The Bee by Emily Dickinson.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bee, Juha! They can be difficult to photograph. I love bees. Too bad their population is not doing well nowadays. You can see some of my bee images in my Flickr page:

Thanks for sharing and I hope you keep finding bees and spiders.
Keep up the great work.


Juha Haataja said...

Great work, Art, something one could explore for a long time. I haven't quite got used to the new Flickr look, but with these photographs it works well.