Sunday, May 26, 2013

My insolent soul would be gone like flowers

On Saturday I went with the two oldest daughters for a walk at Meiko. We started east of lake Mustjärvi, circled around the lake from the north end, and explored the rocky hills west of the lake, returning via the south end of the lake. We had picnic on the rocky hills in an open place where the cool wind blew pleasantly.

Originally I had planned to go walking on the swamps, but the daughters wanted to use sneakers for walking, so we selected a dry route, and even though there were some wet spots, it was possible to circle around them.

Mosquito season is now upon us. My oldest daughter says that she never gets bitten, and that seems to be true, but the younger one got bitten, and the bite mark itched quite a lot. I didn't get bites even though I usually do. For me mosquito bites aren't such a problem, as later in the summer one gets used to them and they don't itch so much any more.

Later on Saturday I went for a walk second time, to Luukki with my youngest daughter, who wanted to see how the lake there looks like now.

(Posting title is from the poem The Wild Common by D. H. Lawrence.)

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