Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sorting the diamonds in our dazzling cell

Today we had +20 °C. I commuted by bicycle, and it was great. In the morning it took about 42 minutes to get to work, a new record by bicycle. Return home took about 47 minutes.

A year ago I wrote about the commute time: "... morning commute took 49 minutes, and the return 54 minutes, 5-10 minutes faster than last week."

It seems that I'm now 5-7 minutes faster than year ago, not bad, especially as it felt today that traffic lights changed to red as I was nearing them.

Of course, getting another type of bicycle would help with the commute time. My hybrid bicycle with a gear hub is not a speed daemon. But it is good enough, and one should also take care in the traffic. Fortunately I have long stretches where there are few pedestrians or other people on bicycle, and few crossings.

These photographs were taken on Sunday at Tremanskärr swamp and Kurkijärvi lake.

(Posting title is from the poem Hall of Records by Peter Spagnuolo.)

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