Friday, May 3, 2013

The little raw soul was caught by no one

I walked in the forests of Meiko and Vaakkoi for 8 1/2 hours between Monday and Wednesday, and visited six lakes I hadn't previously seen: Tränuhals, Vaipo, Vitträsk, Väärä-Musta, Saaren Musta and Vaakkoi.

I have been thinking that perhaps it could be an interesting project to visit by walking a number of lakes in Finland. There are 187,888 lakes so this project could be going on for a long time... However, one should have some rules, for example the minimum distance of the walk to a lake, preventing too easy cases, and whether one should also walk around the lake or just see it.

Here are some photographs taken on Tuesday. I have visited Meiko lake already quite a few times, but this was my first visit to Vaipo lake. It is an interesting place, especially because there are large swamps to explore west of the lake. I have hundreds of photographs still waiting to be processed, so there is more to come...

(Posting title is from the poem The Glass Essay by Anne Carson.)


Anonymous said...

"Rock" is a beautiful image, great composition.

Juha, you might want to try this on the click wheel:

You might also want to try a hair dryer set on low heat. The LX5 may have some humidity on the circuit boards.


Juha Haataja said...

Thanks, I'll probably have to try something like this soon, but I'm loathe to try anything which might render the camera inoperable. It still works somewhat...