Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heartbreak, looked at through the wrong end of distance's glasses

I took these photographs last Saturday while walking with the two oldest daughters in Nuuksio wilderness. We visited two places noted as worth seeing in the Espoo guide to outdoors. (See here, in Finnish.)

We started from the parking lot at Yli-Takkula, and walked west towards lake Saarijärvi, where we found the first place, smooth rock at the lakeside. It wasn't that special (maybe I'm not really a rock person), but the waves coming ashore made a soothing sound, which was enjoyable in itself.

The second place was rock also, the highest point in Nuuksio (as well as Espoo and the neighboring cities), at 114.5 meters above sea level. Note that the usually given height of 114.2 meters is outdated since new 1.12.2012 measurement. There was a pile of rocks marking the spot. However, forest is blocking the view, so there wasn't much to see even though the rocky hill is over 40 meters higher than lake Saarijärvi.

(Posting title is from the poem Written on the eve of my 20th high school reunion, which I was not able to attend by A. E. Stallings.)

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