Friday, May 10, 2013

Your water, the only water

I walked in the forests and swamps of Nuuksio wilderness today for 3 hours 45 minutes, exploring the landscape south of lake Saarijärvi on the north part of Nuuksio, all the way to lake Ruuhijärvi. I visited ten lakes in all, seven of which I have never visited before. It was very quiet in Nuuksio, it seemed that even aircraft stayed away, and road noise was so diminished to be almost nonexistent.

In addition to the walk in Nuuksio, I was up and walking when shopping and when preparing meals for the family so that of the first seven hours since waking up I was on my feet for six hours. Not bad. As they say, we sit all too much nowadays, we should be more often on our feet.

I haven't had time to look into the photographs from Nuuksio, and I also have photographs from yesterday to be processed, namely yesterday I walked to lakes Väärälampi, Mustlampi and Halkolampi in Luukki.

Yesterday it was hot, temperature rising to +21 °C. Today it was cooler, about +17 °C, which was about perfect for walking. And there are no mosquitoes yet to speak of, which is an additional bonus.

I have had almost nine hours of exercise so far this week. But there is still the weekend ahead...

(Posting title is from the poem A Twenty-fourth Poem about Horses by John Peck.)

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