Monday, May 6, 2013

Used as a brightening agent

I haven't had time to process photographs from Sunday when we went for a walk in Tremanskärr forests and swamps. So, here are photographs fron Saturday, taken at lake Sarkkinen and lake Suolikas, which are close to each other, only a narrow neck of land separating them from each other. Tomorrow seems to be a very busy day also, so it may be that I'm unable to make a posting.

The weather forecast promises +17 °C for Tuesday and +21 °C for Wednesday, which is great, except that it may be that I don't have any possibility of enjoying the weather, being indoors in meetings or elsewhere busy as a bee, as they say. And bees certainly are getting busy now.

(Posting title is from the poem Fact by Craig Dworkin.)


Jen said...

Hi there,
I was just scrolling thru blogs and found yours. I live in Northwestern Ontario, Canada and if I hadn't read the info along with your pics, I would have sworn these were taken here. It's amazing how much the same our landscapes are. No wonder Thunder Bay (where I live) holds the largest Finnish population outside of Finland (apparently.) My moms parents were Finn. Thanks for the pics.

Juha Haataja said...

Jen, thanks for visiting and commenting! Yes, a lot of Finns emigrated to Canada, and there are books written about how it was in the "new land". It was't always easy even though the landscape may have been familiar.